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Executive Leadership Organization of Portland Oregon

Vision Statement

Through impeccable ethical ideals and in a supportive peer-based environment, we help XLO members achieve and sustain their potential by delivering the timeliest dynamic leadership tools. Members’ active participation provides fuel for their passions, frees them from the tethers of limitation, and enables their infinite and vivid powers of ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurialism.

XLO Overview

Good leaders elevate their ideas creating undeniable synergy and success for their organization, their employees, and their community; but exactly how does one measure “success”?   Although easily quantifiable, using revenue as the primary matrix of leadership competence is not only inaccurate, it is a colossal mistake.  Sustainability is dependent upon other critical components long before the measurement of revenue is relevant, important, or useful.


The Executive Leadership Organization (XLO) is your foremost resource providing the tools and education for the perpetual re-visioning necessary to keep you on the leading edge of excellence.   The XLO provides a one-of-a-kind environment for hard-working executives committed to developing their professional acumen.  Expanding your personal knowledge base, multiplying your professional contacts, and honing your business cunning are but a few of the benefits of membership.  Investing in the XLO helps you maximize your impact while transforming your potential to stay relevant and thus helping you create a brilliant and flourishing future for yourself and your business.


Few small to midsized companies (less than 500 employees) have the resources to even think about replicating approaches to leadership development theories employed in larger organizations.  But the need for leadership skill development is no less just because of the smaller size; in-fact it is more important.


Members can turn to the XLO as a trusted source when implementing initiatives for employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.  Through its broad cadre of services and supportive environment, the XLO provides access to the knowledge, expertise, and resources necessary for business acumen development and growth.  In short, the XLO experience helps members synthesize the conceptual fruits of their education from functional theory to a broad range of strategic thinking, planning, and implementation by delivering:

  • The latest leadership advancement services;
  • Networking opportunities with other knowledgeable executives;
  • A unique forum for veteran executives to share progressive business ideologies and tried and true practices; and,
  • A relaxed atmosphere to cultivate connections in all aspects of a diverse corporate arena.

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Most Important XLO Benefits

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